omg u guyz!!!!!!!!!!


one word: eclips!!!!!!!!!!!

im sooooo mad bc brock said we couldn't go to the midnite showing last nite bc he had work in the morning. so LAME!! i cryd like all day bc all day on fb all my friends were talking about how awsome it was and how good taylor lotner looked with his shirt off!!! but luckily brock is totally gonna redeem himself bc he said he would take me on friday nite and buy me tons of popcorn, soda and candy!! like a REAL movie nite!! not like the cheap ones he normaly takes me on wear all he buys is just the plane movie tickets and we have to sneak in popcorn in my purse...SAD!!!

ne way, im so excited i can hardly contane myself!!! i mean even tho ive read the book like a bajillion times and i alredy know the plot and caracters, im just so exited bc the movies for twilight and new moon totally rocked so i know this one will to!!!

and if ur one of those ppl who thinks there to smart or whatever for twilight than u need to grow up and just give it a chance because its' soooo good! u will laugh and cry i promise!! plus its kind of a sexy book but not TO sexy to wear your like braking the rules in the "for strenth of youth" pamflet LOL!!

if ne of you have seen it already (which you prolly ALL HAVE bc i swear im like the only 1 who has'nt!!!) PLZ dont tell me wat happens bc like i said even tho i know the plot and everything i still want to be suprised in case the directer throws in a twist or something!!!


  1. Hmmm... Some prejudices against people who liked the Twilight books, perhaps?

  2. This almost hurt to read.

  3. Jana, it's a joke hun ;)

  4. LOLOLOL! That's all I have to say :)

  5. Hahahhahaahhahahhaha!!!

    Ok...the saddest thing about this blog is that it's SO real. There are a billion blogs just like this. Ouch.


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