Can You Spot the Girl in this Picture?


In case you couldn't tell: I'm second from the right in the middle row.
ALSO: I had no idea that Uncle Rico coached my 2nd grade baseball team.


  1. hahaha this is amazing! Poor girl. But I can so see you putting your girls through the same thing- and having them school all those boys at softball at the same time!

  2. please don't hate me. but i'm not sure which one you are. like i said please don't hate me. but i think you are gorgeous! haha i just noticed your "about" and "life list" sections, HOW DID YOU DO THAT?? I admit I want to copy right now... I may not put my life list up quite yet but I've been wanting an about section like that. tell me how (said in needy voice). also it is freakish how many points on your life list are on mine as well! particularly the language ones! I too want to be fluent in arabic and french, because i took it in high school, and proficient in italian. but replace spanish for german so i can communicate with my hubs in another language. wow LONGEST comment EVER! my apologies! :)

  3. HAHAHAHA OMG KRISTI we are seriously twins. I also was the only girl on my little league team for like 3 years! Chase still teases me about playing softball in high school. He's just jealous because I have better upper-body strength :)

  4. My little slugger...You hit Caleb a lot!


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