He's Back!


Brock is hooooome!

As it turns out, the job down in California turned out to be a dud. Brock wouldn't have been making much more money than he currently is here, so he was like "Uhhh . . . peace!" I don't know why he couldn't have figured this out with a simple phone call beforehand, but whatever. All I care about is that he's home!

Although we've been apart for longer periods of time, each time we separate, one thing becomes obvious: We are both pathetic  without each other. Seriously, we are blobs. I thought I would get so much done (reading, studying, working, etc) with Brock being gone, but I just moped around ALL DAY. 

Being blobs without each other. I think that might just be what true love is.


  1. i had no idea you guys had a blog! how exciting, for me! haha. Kristi let me introduce myself, i'm Mandy (griffin) Coffey, brock and i were in seminary together. I haven't met you (yet) but i'm lovin' what i've seen on this blog! :)


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