I like to consider myself a fairly simple girl. Compared to other members of my sex, I'm easy to read, easy to get along with, and easy to please. At least that's what Brock tells me when I make him.

However . . .

Just because my favorite foods are Cinnamon Life, French toast, and the crispy chicken deluxe meal at Wendy's doesn't mean I have a problem ordering filet mignon when I go out to dinner.

Just because I do my own manicures, pedicures, and eyebrow waxing doesn't mean I won't happily throw down $100+ on my hair every two or three months.

Just because I enjoy "garage sale" stores like TJ Maxx and Ross doesn't mean I won't be walking around in there with a Coach bag slung around my shoulder (Black Friday sale at the Coach outlet store . . . holla!!!)

Just because I love the outdoors doesn't mean I will touch a fish.

Aristotle, in Nichomachean Ethics, extolled the virtue of moderation. For the modern woman, I believe this translates to "middle-maintenance." High-maintenance girls can be found in Newport Beach and the Upper West Side. Middle-maintenance girls can be found in Colorado, where the grandeur of the Rockies serves as a constant reminder of your own insignificance. A middle-maintenance girl doesn't need a closet brimming with haute couture, Tiffany & Co. dangling from her ears, or a garage filled with Italian cars.

I don't think a little luxury every now and then is necessarily a bad thing, as long as your heart (and bank account) is in the right place. If you're grateful for the blessings you receive and do your best to serve others, I don't think God will condemn you at the judgment bar for that one time you made your husband buy you suede Cole Haan boots for Christmas.

At least I hope not.


  1. to each his own vice, dad! :) i'm more of a brooks cascadia person myself.

  2. Thank you for clarifying what middle maintenance is, all my life my family has made fun of me for being high maintenance which I never thought that I was! Haha. I'm clearly middle maintenance according to this explanation. And I don't think God will condemn you either!

  3. Here is a link for such a fabulous middle maintenance madam.


  4. Middle maintenance all the way! "Professional" manis and pedis are totally bogus, but getting your hair done is a must for adventurous/spontaneous girls like us :)

  5. So true about CO girls being middle maintenance!! And those boots are so cute!


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