The Double Life


One of the reasons why I love trail running is that it makes me feel like I lead a double life. During the day I work at my desk job, do all my homework like a good little girl, and tidy up the house when I get home. But after all that is done? I'm a heathen running half-naked through the woods. Panting, dirty, sweaty, my footfalls disturbing the peace of the mountains. I like that.

Yesterday, in the weekly meeting that all the American Heritage TAs have, the professor was talking about his experience at the St. George Marathon this past weekend. He told us his time. Another TA told us his marathon time. (Both Brock and I have run marathons significantly faster than both of them). They both talked about how badly they wanted to run Boston. (Brock and I already have.) Everyone agreed that marathoners are crazy. Nobody knew that I'd just run a 50-miler three weeks prior. Nobody knows that my husband--who is so not built for long-distance running--has run a 2:53 marathon.

And they still don't. Most people who know Brock and I don't know any of this. Running has never and will never be a glory sport, because most successes to be had in running are largely personal ones. But I like that. It's fun having something that truly defines me as a person, that I consider to be a part of my very essence, yet having there be relatively few people who actually know about it. And even fewer people who "get it."

Move over, Sydney Bristow. 


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