Kiana, The Ugly Phase, And Me


My little sister, Kiana, insists that she's the only person who reads my blog and that, accordingly, I should devote an entire post to her awesomeness.

Things About Kiana That Rock:
  1. Don't be fooled by the blonde hair! Kiki is really intelligent
  2. She's an awesome clogger
  3. Fantastic singer
  4. Has a great sense of humor
  5. Great actress! I'm so sad I haven't been able to come to any of her plays :(
  6. Her fashion sense is tres chic!
  7. She's undoubtedly the kindest person I know
  8. She never excludes anybody and makes everyone feel so good about themselves
  9. She's great at doing her own makeup and hair
  10. Awesome older sister to Caden and Connor
  11. Awesome younger sister to everyone else!
  12. She's the daughter my mother always wishes she had . . .
My mom always wanted a Kiana. But, as they say, you can't know the sweet until you've tasted the bitter, so instead she got me. The girl who hated wearing bras (TO MY CREDIT: My mother bought me 32AAAAAAs when I needed 34AAAAAAs), who thought acne was "cool" ("Everybody has it!"), who literally didn't think about matching her clothes until eighth grade when a friend made an offhand comment about matching, who wore neon green eyeshadow in family pictures . . .

Oh, people. The list goes on. But my dear mother stuck through it and was rewarded with a daughter who has glided over The Ugly Phase like a ballerina through the air. Things weren't always so dire for me, however. I did have the occasional shining moment where I was more photogenic than Kiana.

This, unfortunately, was not the norm. Kiana won the cuteness game time and time again.

Here below is Kiana at age 14 (she's the blonde). Note the perfectly coiffed hair, trendy Hollister attire, confident pose, and bright smile.

This is me at 14.

It was before a ballet recital. I think I kind of look like a velociraptor.

Exhibit B: My 13th birthday party. My mom thought it would be fun for us to have a girls' night and do mud masks. Becky and I thought it would be fun to put raisins in our teeth and look demented in said masks.

Kiana, I love you so, so much. Mom, I'm glad you're finally happy.


  1. your loving MOM!October 05, 2010

    You make me laugh girl! I had no idea that was what you were doing in the picture with Becky (soooo glad to know now .... ) But from my perspective, I love BOTH my girls for who they ARE. Most of all, thanks for the great laugh at the end of my day.

    Love, MOM

    Got to love those dance recitals, but sweetie you ain't got nothing compared to Caleb!

  2. Oh my goodness! I don't remember putting raisins in our teeth. The only thing I really remember about your 13th birthday party was that you guys shaved my eyebrows. I can't imagine how we grew up and got married...thanks for the laugh!

  3. hahahaha
    I was actually thinking today that if I was 14 and had facebook there is no way I would be as cool as Kiana. She is rad!

  4. I want to leave a comment, but I always say something unoriginal like "funny!" or "hilarious!" So, in an attempt to be semi-original, I must say that this post is both funny and hilarious!!

  5. Kristi! Not gonna lie, I just spent like a half hour or so reading your blog... but it was totally worth the time! That last picture made me burst out laughing... and keep laughing! Your poor mother. :D But lucky us!

  6. P.S. That last comment was me, Libby. Forgetting how to write my name. :D


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