Men Say the Darndest Things


I bought a new curling iron tonight. A 1-incher instead of a 1.5-incher. I curled my hair with it, and--just for kicks--parted my hair down the center instead of on the side like I normally do. I asked Brock if he liked it.

His reaction?

"Wow! That really makes you look like a woman!"


I thought the only ways I could appear more womanly to my husband would be to either bear children or get a boob job. Either way, I just saved myself thousands of dollars!


  1. OH you watched that tutorial too eh? hahah. yeah did you notice my hair today? that's what i did. but i can't pull off the middle part. it makes me look creepy. also im savin for those implants because there is no trick in the book that can fix me there! (i've tried everything) but congratulations to you!

  2. What I don't understand is that you don't have a label for "boobs". I mean, you have a label for "Baseball" and I'm sure you've posted about 30 more posts about boobs than you have about baseball.

  3. Who knew?! What tutorial is this? I am a one trick pony when it comes to my hair. And my boobs.

  4. tutorial??
    I could use something new.

  5. YES Kristi, do a curly hair tutorial! :) You know I'll try it..

  6. This is me not being a creeper because I follow your blog religiously.

    Isn't it funny what they like? My husband never ceases to surprise me with the timing of his compliments. Oh well, I guess grubby pajama pants and morning breath really get him going!


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