Underrated Animated Movies


Seriously, they don't they make them like they used to.

This is Justin. He is a cartoon character from one a 1982 movie called The Rats of Nimh. Yes, 1982. (What can I say? I have classic tastes.) But Justin isn't just any old animated rat, you see. HE WAS CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD OF THE RATS OF NIMH. His smooth-talkin' and sword-brandishin' made my seven-year old heart swoon.

Seriously, this movie was bomb. And Justin ended up being my first crush. I was so infatuated with this rat that I was INTENT on marrying a man named Justin. I didn't even care what he looked like SO LONG AS HIS FREAKING NAME WAS JUSTIN. In fact, I distinctly remember being so sad that none of the boys in second-grade were named Justin. One day, I crept into one of the third-grade rooms. It was the beginning of the year, and all the kids' names were posted on the wall next to their pictures. One of the boys was named Dustin.

"Close," I said quietly to myself. "But no cigar."

Aladdin wannabe? Maybe. But awesome nonetheless.

"WHAT do you think I was doing with ze flowers and ze alligators going CHOMP CHOMP?!"

Nothing screams 90's like Macualay Culkin and Christopher Lloyd.

Goes without saying.

Hippie brainwashing? Maybe.

If this movie doesn't make you cry, you have no soul.

"Big and Loud." One of the best animated movie songs ever. YouTube it.

When I found out that there was actually a MAN named Rodney Dangerfield, it blew my mind.

And here you were thinking Robert Downey Jr. was the "original."
So good. It's just so good.

Dork Penguin wins the love of Babe Penguin, but Bro Penguin tries to get in the way of their marriage. Did I mention the killer seals? (As if you needed more reasons to watch this movie.)

The granddaddy of them all. Don Bluth's masterpiece.

Long before internet trolls existed, there was this gem.

Look me in the eye and tell me you haven't memorized the lyrics to "Stand Out" and "Eye to Eye".

All I remember about this movie is that there was some scene where a goblin picked his nose and then rolled the booger into a little ball and flicked it. Made me cringe every time.

Music by Barry Manilow. I mean, what more could you ask for in a film.

 . . . wow, I watched a freaking ton of TV as a kid.


  1. One more...All Dog's Go To Heaven. One of my absolute favorites. And good call on TBLT.

  2. Ignore my accidental apostrophe above.

  3. yaaaaaaaaay this made me sooo happy!! LOVE all these movies! esp the brave little toaster.

    if you lived closer I would say movie night. but you don't. sad for you.

  4. I forgot all about Rock-a-doodle! Shame on me. Great List! It's made me feel all nostalgic, I think I will be adding some of these movies to my list.

  5. Um, I too watched a CRAP LOAD of TV as a kid. You forgot Little Nemo! Please tell me you know what I'm talking about... not "Don't you mean Finding Nemo?" Or a Troll in Central Park, and Princess and the Goblin! Haha, but seriously, I watched movies nonstop.

  6. I think we can now put our thumb on your Justin Bieber infatuation.

  7. I may or may not still have "Eye to Eye" on my iPod.

  8. I have to admit: I hadn't seen/don't really remember most of these. Until you got to Goofy Movie. My apartment watched that twice this past summer. Best. Cartoon. Ever.


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