Celebrity Look-Alikes


I don't have the best luck in this department. A couple years ago, a guy in a class asked me "Hey, has anyone ever told you that you look like a celebrity?" Flattered, I said, "Well, a couple times here and there. Why?"

"Because I think you kind of look like Heath Ledger."

A few years prior to that experience, I was talking about the subject with my dad. Some people at school had told me that I looked like Julia Stiles. I asked him if he knew who she was.

"Oh, isn't she that ugly girl from Save the Last Dance?"


My fate, apparently, hasn't changed much. The other day as I was showing Brock some old pictures from the dreaded 2001-2005 period, he made the comment that I looked like Steven Seagal. If you don't know who that is, you're not the only one.

Steven's a B-list actor who appears in low-grossing wannabe Michael Bay movies. Here is a sampling of his repertoire which, as you might infer from the titles, transcends both genres and time:

It's a sad day when the celebrity your husband says you used to look like is:
  • Not of your gender
  • Nowhere to be found on Blockbuster shelves
On the flip side, Steven Seagal is a BADASS. Movie star, policeman, singer-songwriter (you haven't bought his albums??), aikido expert, energy drink maker, PETA activist, Buddhist, owns a dude ranch in Colorado. But you just wanna know what he looks like. Behold:


  1. You kill me!!! Steven would probably literally kill me, but you just kill me figuratively and I really appreciate that. :).

  2. I just laughed out loud in the middle of class. I was also told I looked like Julia Styles in high school, so I guess that makes two uglies! lol

  3. i just peed my pants. you are too funny.

  4. Kristi-
    We want you and Brock to come to dinner. contact us!
    Or better yet I will get your info from Holly.

    Shannon Swain!

  5. Kristi,

    This post is so freaking funny, especially your dad's comment. Also, my favorite movies of Steven's are "Born to Raise Hell" and "Machete" and "Belly of the Beast" and "Today you Die." Oh yeah, and "A Dangerous Man." HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA

    Also, Shannon Swain, it makes me so happy to see that after reading a blog post like this, you take the time to invite Kristi and Brock to dinner! I'll be there as well, if you don't mind.


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