The Week in Pictures...And Words


Brock registered for his FINAL SEMESTER OF CLASSES this week!
Here he is, up at 12:01am on his priority registration date.

DEMOCRATIC PROCESS FTW! Up bright and early voting at a nearby elementary school...

...whose motivational posters offered us a few sobering reminders of what really matters.

Brock surprised me with a stargazer lily while I was hosting a test review for 60+ American Heritage students. The blood rushed to my face and I'm pretty sure I turned about as pink as this flower, but I loved it :)

We finished watching "The West Wing!" Here I am putting the FINAL disc into our DVD player. I'm not quite sure what we're going to do with all the free time we'll have during our evenings now. I can tell you that BROCK certainly has some ideas regarding that matter . . . well, really just one idea, but y'know.

[awkward segue]

In other news, this weekend has been fun. On Friday night Brock went to a volleyball game while I went to Target and got some desperately needed new makeup. And milk.

I ALMOST got brave and bought lipstick. Yes, lipstick. What am I, 25?! If THAT'S not risky enough for you, wait till you hear the colors I was trying one: Mauveolicious and Are You Red-dy? After a half-hour (yes, a half-hour) of dithering, I finally decided that I'm just not woman enough for those colors. Why spend $5.50 on a tube of lipstick if you're only going to look like an underage streetwalker?

On Saturday, Brock and I went out to dinner at a place I've been dying to go to for forever: Communal. It's totally yuppie ("We serve kangen water here, which has been restored to a pH level of 8.5") but totally good. We had fantastic steak and pork, lemon thyme gnocchi, and the best French toast dessert ever. 

After dinner, we went to BYU to check out a Diwali celebration that was going on in the Wilk. Admission was only $3, but we decided to pop our heads real quick to see if it would be "worth it." Hard to believe how entertainment that only cost $3 could not be worth it, but Provo never fails to astound me. We pocketed the cash and headed to JCPenney, where I had a $10 coupon that was about to expire. "Brock! You only have to purchase $10 worth of merchandise to get $10 off--so technically our entire purchase would be FREE!"

Sneaky, eh? We were desperate for entertainment at that point, so off to the mall it was. As soon as we got there I found a purple scarf that I needed . . . for $15. I gave Brock my best puppy-dog eyes and he said that even though it was over budget, he could cough up the $5 because I was just so goshdarn cute.

Then we decided to play a game. Ladies, this is the BEST GAME EVER. Ready? It's called "How Well Do You Know My Style." You take your man into different sections of a department store (bags, shoes, jewelry, dresses, etc) and give him a couple minutes to pick out what single item he thinks you would buy from that department.

As it turns out, Brock is ridiculously good at this game. Like, gay-best-friend good.

The Upside: I am comforted in knowing that he is an extremely competent purchaser of gifts.

Long story short: We walked out of there with a scarf . . . and a rockin' Indiana-Jones-style messenger bag.

Love him :)


  1. We're never playing that game again. :)

  2. Can I just say that Brandon had the same idea with our new-found "free time" once we finished the West Wing... Could we have spent the first year of our marriage evenings any better? I submit we could not! For the record, it was my second time around--the sacrifices wives make for their husbands :).
    ps I think we should be married friends... One day when Brandon and I are at home at the same time other than the wee hours of the morning we should get together. Pray about it, it's a good idea.
    Nicole Hatch

  3. I really liked your article.


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