Musings on Muscles


Can I just say that I'm glad I married a man with a MAN'S body???

At the same time, I love how Brock is muscular without being a toolish meathead. Girls, tell me if ya feel me: When I see a 300 wannabe walking around the gym who is so juiced up on creatine that it looks like he's about to pop, my first thought is Wow, that guy is self-obsessed!

That's why I'm grateful for the Bruce Willises, Hugh Jackmans, and Brock Boyces of the world. The guys who head to the gym a few times a week, but don't live there. The guys who actually stay home when their wife says, "Nah, don't go to the gym. Be lazy and watch reality TV with me!"

Because while I think your muscles are great and all, having you spend time with me is even better.

Good priorities? Now that's hot.


  1. Couldn't agree with you more.

    Here are some of my observations:

    Men at BYU:
    a) weigh less than me
    b) can not lift as much as I do
    c) should we be attacked, I will have to protect him.

    Guys with oversized muscles at the gym:
    a) walk around like they have a stick up their ass
    b) are more into themselves than you
    c) are attempting to compensate for something (usually brains)

  2. Hahaha WHAT??? Bruce Willis and Hugh Jackman definitely have chiseled muscles. Not following you there...

  3. MAN chiseled though! Not pretty-boy chiseled. There is a difference. And I think you and I both know it ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


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