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The only BAD thing about doing laundry, washing dishes, scrubbing the bathrooms, washing the dog, vacuuming, dusting, and running errands? Now we don't have energy to do anything else on this beautiful Saturday. (55 degrees and sunny--thank the Lord!)

On the bright side, we finally changed out five dead light bulbs upstairs. We'd literally been living in the dark ages for weeks. Why is it that I always procrastinate the stupidest, quickest little errands? I've been meaning to drop off some donations to DI since last summer--a trip that would probably take me a half hour--and yet there my donations sit in the guest bedroom. They've slowly accumulated over time into little second-hand mountains.

All this Cairo business has me really worried about my study abroad. Not because I'm afraid to go there--I'm afraid I won't go there.

Last night Brock, Caleb, and I went to the BYU men's volleyball team season opener against UCI. It was a fun game with a great crowd! We beat them in three, and then came home and drank smoothies while we watched this funny stand-up comic on TV.

Tonight we're meeting up with Caleb and a girl (OOOOooooOOOO!!) to head up to the Sundance Film Festival. We're seeing a Norwegian film called "The Troll Hunter" that looks really great.

I have a new camera that I want to buy. It's the Olympus PEN E-P2--my dear friend Tiffany recommended it to me. I really should buy it soon because I hate this whole being-cameraless thing, but I feel like buying it means that I've fully given up hope that my old one will come back.

I really wish I could meet the scumbags who steal cameras. I would punch them in the balls. Or ovaries. Stealing a wallet is one thing--you can always just cancel your credit cards and get new ones. But stealing a camera is stealing memories, and you have to be a pretty disgusting person to feel okay doing that.

I was carrying around $100 in my camera case, so I doubt I'll ever see it again. Although if said thief has any sort of virtue, he/she has the information needed to return it to me: my driver's license was also in there, which has my address on it. Sadly, the reality is that I'll probably just end up cameraless anyway and--adding insult to injury--waste away a few hours of my life at the DMV.

The last picture I took was of Kiana sleeping (actually my dad took it). Her mouth was wide open and it was funny.


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