American Sleaze


After ample time at BYU, Brock and I have determined that:

1. Brock wants to be a lawyer on Wall Street, and possibly run for public office later in life.
2. I want to work on Capitol Hill or in intelligence, and possibly run for public office later in life.

Law. Wall Street. Politics. Congress. CIA. How is it that after so much education, we are seemingly wanting to be involved with everything that's wrong in America?

(I'm pretty sure Michael Moore would have an aneurysm knowing that such a couple exists.)


  1. Because you both see some potential to right the ship where it's worst. Just don't let yourselves lose your solid footing.

  2. Did you know that your cousin almost got into the CIA? He can probably give you a few pointers...

  3. Please don't join the CIA--then you couldn't blog about your daily activities....and where's the fun in that???


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