Talkin' About My Generation


I know I've ranted about this on Facebook--so I'm sorry for beating a dead horse--but this is just something I cannot wrap my mind around. The fact that there are people out there with internet, smartphones, TVs, WiFi, etc who are oblivious the biggest civil unrest that has happened in the Middle East in decades.

The protests in Egypt has been going on for a entire week.. I'm sure you turn on your TV once a day. Have you seriously not seen CONSTANT footage of MASSIVE demonstrations on MULTIPLE CHANNELS as you flip your way to "The Bachelor"? You go on Facebook every day. Has not one person posted something about it? You walk on campus every day. Do you never glance at one of the THOUSANDS of newspapers that are available at the entrance of every building? Do none of your friends talk about it?


  1. Ok I do realize that by commenting I am revealing that I stock your blog...but AMEN!! This is one of my absolute biggest pet peeves. No possible way to beat a dead horse on this one--it can't be said enough. Thank you for articulating so well what I want to say to every single ignorant, self-absorbed person out there.

  2. Fact: Egypt is a made up place.
    Fact: Brick, on "Anchorman" already educated the world the Middle East is really the non-coastal eastern portion of the United States.
    Fact: It's -8 degrees in Laramie. I'm much more concerned about how I can dress for this cold, while still looking fashionable, than what is going on in some third world country nobody has ever heard of.
    Fact: This is 'Merica! Sure we are lazy, lascivious and lustful, but that is what makes us the best.
    Fact: Roll Tide!


  3. My head will never be able to wrap around this. I mean, I'll be honest. Were I at home right now, I would not be as educated on the whole thing as I should be. However, being here is definitely the best way to make a person realize how big a deal it actually is.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is "amen, sista"

  4. How do you know that the masses are not tuned in to the situation?

  5. I never said the masses weren't (in fact, I think the masses ARE). But I do believe "a sizable chunk of MY generation" isn't. For example, last week, I brought up Egypt in all three of my American Heritage labs that I teach. Nobody had any idea what I was talking about. 90 kids and not one of them knew about a major world event that had been going on for, at that point, five days.

    I have had NUMEROUS interactions like this in the past few weeks. So that's what makes me think the way I do, I suppose.


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