Out of the Mouths of Babes


There are many forthcoming posts about Ecuador, but I thought I'd tease you with a couple quotes from the trip:

Caden (8), after we have just recovered NINE LOST PASSPORTS that were taken when one of our bags was stolen at the airport in Quito. (Apparently the idiot thief was unaware that passports sell for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on the black market. Hahahaha sucker.) The bag that the passports were in, unfortunately, was never recovered. Other than the passports, it contained one of our video cameras and some fruit roll-ups.

Lips quivering, brow furrowed: "Awwwww! They took the fruit roll-ups?????"

Connor (6), at the airport in Miami: "Kristi, you're almost always the meanest person in our family."

Juan (???...literally. He doesn't know how old he is.), our sickety-sick guide Amazonian guide with long, flowing black locks of wonder. He'd just told us about the WORST tourist he'd ever hosted--a girl who was going to Ecuador to try to get off drugs, and decided to take a naked swim in the pool at Yachana. Which happens to be filled with caimans. The whole week, our family joked with Juan that if he slipped up once, we'd all get naked.

On a particular trip into the jungle, Juan pointed out wildlife and then we'd all look at it through his telescope. To say that guy had eyes like a hawk would be the understatement of the century. He was a freaking FREAK. If there was a tiny speck on a tiny twig half a mile away, he'd be all "Oh hey guys. Look at the toucan." And it would be a freaking toucan. FREAK. Anyway, so we're having all sorts of fun when Brock says something to the extent of, "Hey Juan. If you ever misclassify one of these animals, I'mma get naked right here, right now."

To which Juan retorted: "Oh. I'm glad I brought my telescope then."

Juan, 1. Brock, 0.


  1. We had a guide with eyes like that when we went to Africa, but her name was Esther and she had next to no hair.

    I am excited to read more! Sounds like an awesome trip! (minus the whole lost goods thing)

  2. You're very lucky that you get to go on a trip like that. It sounds awesome!


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