The Alaskan Inn


Brock and I just went on the funnest getaway. A few months ago, I saw a Groupon deal for a cute bed and breakfast in Ogden. The place is called the Alaskan Inn, and it's located fifteen minutes up beautiful Ogden Canyon. All the rooms have different Alaskan-inspired themes--we stayed in a room called Northern Lights.

This was our first time at a B&B and we couldn't have chosen a better place!

We dropped Mojo off at my grandparents' place in American Fork. He was not happy being left behind--which he made very manifest by tearing up the alpaca sleeping mat we bought for him in Ecuador. Grrr....

It was such a gorgeous drive up the canyon with fresh snow and mist rising off the granite peaks--I don't know HOW I'm going to survive May-December of this year living in places without mountains.

For dinner we went to Maddox Ranch House in Brigham City--a Utah staple about half hour away from Ogden. Gooooood home cookin' and the most tender steak you'll ever eat. And ain't my hubby handsome? :)

I saved up my calories ALL DAY to eat here. And rightfully so. Homemade cream soda, homemade root beer, warm rolls with raspberry butter, cornbread, salad with homemade ranch dressing, mashed potatoes, filet mignon--"stuffed" is an understatement.

Fiber-optic stars and the Aurora Borealis ala blacklight? COOL!

My husband watches romcoms with me. AND HE LIKES THEM.

The view out our window in the morning.
Few things are more quieting and more peaceful than fresh snow on pines.


  1. That looks like so much fun!! Did you dye your hair darker?? It looks REALLY good!!

  2. The B&B looks awesome, but I just have to say yay for MADDOX! Perry is my hometown and now you've made me crave a turkey steak.


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