Hey, Brock . . .


You do realize that you're typing in the search engine, not his wall, right?

Hey, Brock . . .

You do realize that you're logged in under my name . . .
and that saying "by the way that was me" doesn't clarify things AT ALL.


I am married to a


  1. This is weird. I JUST posted about how I am an 80 year old man with the shakes trapped in my body. We are creepy.

    And I knew it was Brock all along...

  2. Our husbands can be 90-year old men together. Chase lost a receipt about 4 times yesterday (the same receipt..I finally just put it in my purse), his keys, and almost broke a plate at dinner because his hands were "shaky".

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! This totally reminds me of Ryan who says things to "clarify" a misunderstanding he causes (like Brock writing under your name), but ends up totally confusing everyone even more in the attempt to fix it.

    Also, Helen and Chase, I enjoyed your comments, hahahaha.


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