Burning Questions: ANSWERED


Infrequently Asked Questions.

1. Who's your favorite sister?
Well, I don't really have a choice. But even if I did, it would be KIANA! :)

2. What's your trick to getting gifts from your parents?
Ha, this is a funny question. I honestly don't get that many gifts from my parents. I think I was one of the only girls on my floor freshman year who NEVER got a care package. Birthday gifts have always been modest, and--oh yeah--that was that one stint for like TWO YEARS WHEN I NEVER GOT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT.
Story time. I can't remember exactly when this whole ordeal started, but it was sometime in my teenage years. My parents decided that we older kids--in order to get in touch with the true meaning of Christmas--were only going to get one Christmas present a year. The first year this was instituted I got a black leather jacket that was WAY TOO BIG. "You'll grow into it! This is a closet staple that you'll want for years! " my mother assured me. Yeah, never grew into it. Never wore it ONCE. The year after that my parents thought it would be a grand idea to replace my old, tattered baby blanket with a brand new one. Hand-embroidered all nice and fancy. Yeah, THAT made a permanent abode UNDER MY BED (I loving refer to it as "Imposter Blankey").
Anyway, my family doesn't really do "stupid" gifts. So as far as wheedling an iPad or a stereo system out of your parents, I'm not the person to ask. When it comes to practical ones, though? I'M A MASTER. Mostly just because if I see something I really want, I'm like "MOM! You could get me this and have it be my birthday present! Yes, I know it's not for nine months. But you could get it for me now and it'll still count for later!"
Then I hope she forgets that she bought me it when June 14th comes around.
She never does.

3. How did you and Brock meet?
My aunt Cindy married my uncle Rob about four years ago. I went to Sunday dinner at their house one night, and met Cindy's nephew, Kyle, WHO I WAS NOT RELATED TO BY BLOOD. Kyle said that I should try launching a grape into his mouth from across the table, with the caveat that if he caught it, I had to go on a date with him. He did, and that little grape changed my life.
A few weeks later, Kyle and I were still sorta in the Friend Zone. Cousin Zone. Whatever. Anyway, I went to watch BYU football play Boston College on TV at Kyle's apartment. That's when I met his roommate, Brock. Brock kept complaining about how we were going to lose the game, about how BYU football always chokes when we play a big game. I told him to have a little faith. BYU won.
It had rained the night before, so Brock suggested that we all go play mud soccer in a field near Raintree Apartments. He purposely put himself on the opposite team so he could guard me.
Afterwards he said "Hey! Let's all warm up and go hot-tubbing!" (He really just wanted to see me in a swimsuit.) I said "Okay! Let me go back to the dorms and put mine one!" But once I was back at the dorms, I decided I didn't really feel like it. Brock sat in that hot-tub for 45 minutes talking with some dude named Fred.
Anyway, Brock eventually got my phone number from Kyle going off the logic "DUDE. You're COUSINS." Brock started texting me, and I remember how funny his texts were. I can still remember some of them even after four years. He asked me on a date to Del Taco ("A California staple! You have to try their chicken soft tacos!"). I'm not sure if it was the tacos or the man sitting in front of me, but that date was awesome.
Things went on. He left roses for me on the track when Coach Shane would torture us cross-country runners with 800 repeats. He would make breakfast for me and leave it in the lobby of my dorm. He wrote me a song. I remember literally counting down the hours each day until I could see him.
Things have only gotten better.

4. How did you, as a Mormon, become so comfortable with sexuality that you occasionally talk about it on your blog?
When I was around 17 or so, I remember hearing one time that belly-dancing was a really great ab workout. Our coach in high school always stressed core work, so I was like "Hmm. I should try belly-dancing in my room." And it was a workout. But I also noticed as I danced in the mirror, "Hey, weird. What I am doing right now is sexy. I am sexy." I know that sounds so dumb and but let me try to explain why I think this was important: I believe women need to recognize the allure of their bodies. Because the female physique really is a beautiful thing (sorry guys--ya'll are just funny-lookin' when yer nekkid). Few things are more empowering than when a woman realizes that her body is art--even if it's not a masterpiece. All of a sudden, her body is not just something for men to use, but a tool of attraction that she controls. It's not just an ornament, but a force.
A lot of times we think of confidence from a emotional standpoint--like "I'm a winner! I can do things! I'm talented!" But I've never heard anybody talk about physical confidence because we're so afraid of people thinking we're narcissists if--heaven forbid--we say "Hey! You know what? I GOT A NICE BOOTY."

It's also important to realize that there's a line between being comfortable about sexuality and cavalier about it. But just as I think you shouldn't surround yourself with people who are always making light of it, I also don't think you should surround yourself with people who never reference it at all. I mean, you need to be real. As a dear relative of mine once said "It's spiritual 10% of the time, and the rest of the time it's just plain fun."

Update: See this post. :)
5. How do you reconcile your career aspirations with your plans to raise children?
Honestly, I'm leaving that one up to God. If there is certain work that God wants me to do, then it will happen. If that work is a career in politics or intelligence or linguistics, it will happen. If that work is raising 14 kids, it will happen. If it's a mix of the two, it will happen (well, hopefully not with 14 kids...). I'm just trying to get as much education and experience as possible in case I ever need to work.

6. When are you having a baby?
Maybe in two years' time, definitely by three.

7. Do you ever write a post and then delete it for fear of embarrassment? Or are you an unabridged open book?
Open book, baby.
Embarrassing stories are funny for everyone. Uncomfortable ones are good for the soul. If writing or saying something about yourself makes you uncomfortable, that means you're growing. Personally, I don't have a problem sharing my growing experiences because I know so many other people are dealing the the exact same things. If reading something I write helps a person not to feel so alone, then fantastic. Plus, why would I be embarrassed? The posts that were the hardest to write are the ones I'm most proud of.

8. What is your favorite color?
Purple. Just because I think it sounds funny.

9. What's your five-step plan for world domination?

1. Win The Amazing Race
2. Use the $1 million in prize money to travel to outer space
3. Make some sickety-sick alien friends
4. Come back to earth
5. "Yo, if you don't make me Queen of Everything, I'll have my buddies blow everything to smithereens."
Pretty simple, really.

10. Do you prefer more PB or J on your PB&J?
J. Definitely more J.


  1. Is parsimony like parsletongue?

  2. Favorites: #4 and #7. Rock on lady!

  3. #2 You are living proof that all my parenting DID in fact work, you DID in fact survive and more importantly have somehow managed to THRIVE in the world. Love you..... p.s. I never liked that leather coat either.


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