It's A Sign


No, really.

In general, I am not a superstitious person. I don't have lucky this-es or lucky thats. I try not to read too much into things unless I have a gut feeling about them (in which case I would classify that more as intuition, not superstition). But when I drove by this sign in American Fork today (where I'm currently visiting my paternal grandparents), I couldn't help but pause because I am making excuses.

I've had two big ideas floating around in my head recently. Two really good ideas that I'm passionate about. But I'm scared to make them happen because, well, that's the hard part. There are so many logistics and fears and insecurities that you run into during the process of making ideas reality.

And yet I keep coming across various things that seem to be pushing me in that direction--in the direction of doing. One of those was a brilliant TED presentation by Nancy Duarte called "The Secret Structure of Great Talks." Her talk (unsurprisingly) was amazing, but what really got to me was not the actual content. Rather, it was how she built up that content in her intro:
You have the power to change the world. I'm not saying that to be cliche, you really have the power to change the world. Deep inside of you, every single one of you has the most powerful device known to man, and that's an idea. A single idea from the human mind can start a groundswell, it can be a flashpoint for a movement, and it can actually rewrite our future. But an idea is powerless if it stays inside of you. If you never pull that idea out for others to contend with, it will die with you.
Isn't that chilling? How sad would that be to have your best ideas die with you? How many wonderful ideas have already died with those who never brought them to fruition? On a happier note, how greatly have our lives been bettered by people who had the courage to do the opposite?

Anyway, having a literal sign thrown in my way has given me the impetus to go for it. Which is why, by the end of 2012, "Kristi Boyce" will be a name that corresponds with two more adjectives:

1. "Race director." I want to put on a small 5K and donate all the proceeds to Syrian refugees who are fleeing al-Assad's regime. Even if I fail miserably at this, I'll still have a one-up on Russia and China and their soulless, self-serving, disgusting display at the UN.

2. "Writer." C'mon, it was only a matter of time before I wrote a book, people. I've got this idea in my head for a non-fiction book about the U.S. political system, but I've been hesitating on it. How on earth could I ever come up with enough content to actually fill 200-300 pages? And even if I were able to, who would listen to me? This punk 23-year old college grad with no credibility whatsoever?

Well, doubts be damned. Maybe seeing that sign was . . .

For real. I found BOTH  these signs in American Fork, less than a mile from where I'm staying.
Pinterest-worthy? I say yes.


  1. you really need to write a book!

  2. Lemme know when I can pre-order. As your most avid fan I think it's my right.

  3. Go for it, girl. I'll read your book and if I'm in-town, I'll run your race. =) Both of them are amazing ideas and they need the Kristi stamp for sure. Go for it!

    PS - The signs are awesome.

  4. How are you coming on these two goals? They are both awesome ideas, I hope you turn them into reality.


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