My family spent their spring break in Moab, and I went down this past weekend to join them for a couple days (Brock had to work). On the way down, I took a wrong turn that added over an hour to my travel time---not cool when gas is nearing $4/gallon! I can't complain too much though, seeing as how it was a pleasant drive that meandered down through all the little podunk towns on US-89.

On Friday we woke up early and headed out for a hike up Negro Bill Canyon toward Morning Glory Bridge. Mojo had a ball running back and forth on the soft, sandy trail and through stream-crossings. The hike was about six miles total, but I'm sure that dog logged fifteen when all was said and done! 

Camouflage Dog

Morning Glory Bridge

My mom insists that she doesn't like Mojo, but if that were true, would I catch her having CONVERSATIONS WITH HIM???


This guy was strumming Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" as we came out of the canyon. It was ethereal.
Later that day, we picked up our ATV rentals and headed for the White Wash Sand Dunes. On the first ride of the day, Kiana and I were cruising along over a small hill with a very unexpected steep drop. The ATV flipped over and we laughed and laughed . . . until we saw the front right wheel. It looked like we'd completely bent the axle (YIKES), but luckily the tire had just slipped off its fitting. It still took a good forty-five minutes to get it fixed and re-inflated (Dad = Conquering Hero), but all things considered, it was only a small hiccup in the day.

Like it never happened!

I believe that would be Connor driving an ATV solo with his EYES CLOSED?!?!?

Mom found a heart-shaped rock for pops . . . Caden and Connor found Fruit Roll Ups for their tongues.

Totes adorbs.


We spent Saturday morning zooming through the beautiful Mill Canyon and capped off our ATV rentals with a picnic in the desert. Moab is one of the funnest places for families to go exploring and this weekend played to that reality. Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great time!


  1. ahhh Moab. Reminds me so much of home! Tell me, did you end up in Kanab at one point? :) That's my hometown and it certainly fills the description of little and podunk. Gotta love small town life!

  2. So fun, Kristi! I am eventually gonna make it to Moab.


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