Move Over, Snooki


Brock and I have settled ourselves in Jersey City--a beautiful town just across the Hudson from New York. We're about ten minutes away from Hoboken: The place where America's favorite dysfunctional pregnant woman calls home.

A lot of New Yorkers have moved to Jersey City and Hoboken in order to save on rent. And who wouldn't want to? It's got just enough of a surburban feel to it (I can see a Best Buy, Home Depot, JCPenney from my bedroom window), New Jerseyens are friendly, you don't have to deal with tourists, it's quieter, has a beautiful boardwalk and lively downtown, and you're only a fifteen-minute commute from the Financial District.

We haven't done anything terribly exciting the past few days--just getting our bearings a little bit. Last night we went to Hoboken for pizza at the famed Grimaldi's. It was good, but I seriously think people here overrate their pizza. Have they ever been  to Chicago?!

Tonight we're taking the Bolt Bus down to DC to see our friends, Ryan and Tiffany, and the beautiful cherry blossoms! I'm very excited--by the time we'd arrived in DC last April, we'd missed them by about two weeks.

Anyway, I haven't got much to say or report, but here's a video tour of our apartment. The New York adventures begin next week! Brace yourselves.

UPDATE: I should probably tell you why  we're in NJ, huh? Sometimes I assume that when I share news with my immediate family, it just MAGICALLY gets out to everyone. Kind of how like sometimes I look at a text, mentally respond to it, and forget to actually  respond to it. Anyway, we're here in NJ for four weeks because Brock has training here. We move back to SLC in mid-April. Our apartment is corporate housing, with Brock working just down the street at GS's NJ HQ (using three acronyms in a row to form a coherent sentence . . . ten points for Gryffindor!).


  1. I'm clearly behind the times, but... what are y'all up to in Jersey (and by that I think I mean NY?)? In any event, I'm jealous.

  2. LOVED your tour - you're so cute. Have fun in Jersey, and if you feel like driving a little further when you come down to DC, you could meet my little baby =P. Just sayin'

  3. the title of this post makes it sound like you're announcing that you're pregnant...


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