A Road Trip to See Macklemore!


A few months ago I found out that Macklemore was playing a concert at a rinky dink college in St. George. (I think he must've booked this before "Thrift Shop" hit #1 on iTunes, ha.) It took about 2.7 nanoseconds for me to buy tickets, and it wasn't much longer before my brother Colby, my bestie Jessica, and little sister Kiana had joined the party. We were expecting a fun getaway in sunny St. George, but Murphy's law held true. It rained the entire time! (Did I mention this was an outdoor  concert?) 

The concert was held on the practice field of Dixie State's football team. Everyone jammed in together on the grass and basically moshed the whole time. Since it was standing room only, anyone under 5'5'' was screwed. Brock was sweet and held up Kiana for most of the concert so she could see!

After crashing at the luxurious  Super 8 motel (frozen Eggos for breakfast mmmm), we visited my friend's parents. They live in a 55+ community just on the outskirts of town and we had a great time meeting them!  We ate lunch with them at the community center and were slowed down by an old lady cruising around in a golf cart.

 No trip to St. George is complete without a stop at Nielsen's Frozen Custard.

We zipped back to Provo on Saturday to watch Brock's brother in the BYU men's volleyball game.
See Kiana's shirt? My friend Tom spray painted the image for that! So sick. Everybody was obsessed with them. We're going to sell them at the next home game!

Oh, and Kiana was very impressed with the general level of attractiveness of men's volleyball players. We tweeted this picture to the team's resident hottie Erik Mayer ;) ;) ;)

 I woke up early to drive Kiana to the airport on Sunday morning, then came back and crashed with these two. Later we went to a family dinner at my Aunt Cindy's house in Orem--those are always such a good time!

 Alpenglow on Timp. The best.


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