Four Ten


Four hours and nine minutes is a long time to run
Especially when nobody's chasing you
Which is probably the reason why people ask runners
Are you crazy?
What's the point of "digging deep" when you know you won’t win?

And as a runner myself I think I can say that
We just like knowing we have it in us

Four hours and nine minutes is a long time to run
And what a release when you see the finish
And what a relief just when you think your lungs will explode

And then something does—-and it’s not your lungs

And what a shock when screams of joy become screams of fear
And the blood that’s pumping in your ears runs cold
This is not how you planned on finishing

Because four hours and nine minutes ago you stood at the start
Nervous, anxious, restless
Maybe even terrified
And now some terrorist is at the top of the list of
America’s Most Wanted and the moment that you most wanted
Was stolen from you

Then the clock hits 04:10
And firemen policemen countrymen and women
Embrace the terror
In a race where digging deep isn't just for runners anymore

And as if that marathon wasn’t enough
People run to give blood
Hoping that what sustained them in their journeys
Could help sustain others in hospital gurneys
That tired veins are not too strained
To be drained
For the sake of patriots

“Blood, sweat, and tears” figuratively becomes
“Blood, sweat, and tears” literally
Patriot blood shared in spirit now shared in body

And I am sure that blood runs thick like a river--
Justice running down as dirty water
(Don't we love that dirty water?)
And righteousness as a mighty stream

Because see, here's the thing
Cowardice is obvious in a place
Where people don’t fire till they see the whites of your eyes
So go ahead

But if you want us to feel terror then you're going about it the wrong way
Because the Sons and Daughters of Liberty in this city
Don’t put up with Coercive Acts
So maybe read some history before you try making it
Because the only thing you're making us feel
is pity for you

We don’t know who did this yet
We don’t need to know who did this
Because 04:10 said it all
And as a patriot myself I think I can say that
We just like showing we have it in us

We may be runners but we will not run
Some of us may not have legs now but we will stand together
And those trying to divide us
Will just have to go back to the damn drawing board

You see, we're still here
Singing "Sweet Caroline" because after the ashes
Good times never seemed so good


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