Deactivating Facebook


In a status update this morning, I made the announcement that I would deactivate my account within the next 24 hours. I did so partly for dramatic effect, but mostly because I knew that by making a public statement, I wouldn't back out!

Here are some of the reactions this status update received:

If you didn't know any better, you might think that my status read: "Kristi is dropping out of college to become an exotic dancer at Charlie Sheen's Ho Factory."(And Charlie Sheen, if you're reading this, I officially claim any and all rights--animation and otherwise--to the "Charlie Sheen's Ho Factory" name and brand.)

Anyway, this isn't so much of a Facebook renunciation as it is an abstention. I'm just going to deactivate my account for two weeks so I can hopefully break this nasty habit I've developed...a nasty habit which I presume many of
you have also developed...which, scientifically, is known as facebookea addictus.

I debated for a while over whether I really was or was not an "addict." But after a while, it became hard for me to argue that I wasn't...
  • Checking FB is one of the first things I do in the morning
  • I do it in between classes
  • I do it on my breaks at work
  • I do it when I get home
  • I do it when I'm stressed
  • I do it when I'm bored
  • I do it before I go to sleep
If this doesn't sound like the life of a smoker, I don't know what does!

Yet unlike smoking, Facebook isn't something that is inherently bad. There are a lot of good points to it--you can easily keep in contact with hundreds of people, share ideas, share news, share laughs, etc. It can be enriching, but to a point. After that, it tends to stifle. Unfortunately, I think I've reached said point. I find myself as of late doing less of the whole sharing-ideas-and-news thing and more of the I-think-I'll-scroll-through-dozens-of-meaningless-status-updates thing.
I'll be M.I.A. these next couple weeks as I wean myself off my constant Facebooking habit. All you LOST addicts out there (now that's a GOOD addiction!) know that there's a white side and a black side to everything. I feel as if I've let myself become sucked into the M.I.B. (Man in Black) Facebook. By taking a little time off, hopefully I can reorient myself and begin using the Jacob Facebook.

See you all in a couple weeks!


  1. Okay I'm feeling better about this now. Especially because you used a LOST analogy :) :) :)


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