I'm pretty well-versed in dudedom. Growing up with four brothers and a considerable amount of guyfriends, I came to a pretty clear understanding fairly early in life of what's going on inside their cute little brains. But there are definitely nuances that I am still learning.


Finals week is when I cast off any and all cares that have to do with my diet, my fashion sense, and--of course--showering. Come to think of it, that really makes me sound like a dude. Anyway. After my last test ended today, Brock and I hit up In-N-Out for some end-of-the-semester celebrating. I was wearing my dad's black running thermals (you know, the ones with the hole) and a big red sweater of Brock's. As I was filling up my cup with lemonade, Brock came up behind me and started singing his own version of a popular Keith Urban song:

"And maybe it's a little too early
To know if this is gonna work
All I know is I wish you would
Stop wearing my shirt."

"Really?!" I said. "Y'know, some guys think it's sexy when their wives or girlfriends wear their shirts. I'm sure there's LOTS of guys who'd like to see me in their shirt."

Without missing a beat, Brock replied, "Yeah, but without pants. That's the thing."


Like I said, nuances.


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