You Think I Don't Notice . . . BUT I DO.



(Mostly because I wanted to learn how.)

AND BECAUSE SOME OF YOU ARE MAJOR HOSERS. What, do you feel embarrassed? You should. How quick you were to forget the LAST time we had this discussion. Now look at you all. Pathetic.

You think I don't notice that my hit count jumps 150+ for each new post I write? You know what that means? That means there are about 148 UNGRATEFUL LEPERS for each post who come to my blog expecting to be entertained but leave me naught a pittance. That's like spending a whole afternoon oohing and aahing over a street performer and then saying, "Welp, great show! See ya later!"

And only twenty-seven followers, eh? Funny, because I know for a fact that there are more people stalking me than that. Look at you all, hiding behind the mask of non-following anonymity. You make me sick.

To those of you who are official followers and who do comment regularly on my blog: Thank you. Your blogging etiquette is exemplary.

Numbers don't lie, people. I'm watching you.

Alllllways watching.


  1. I'm afraid not to leave a comment. I'm sure you never visit OUR blog without commenting. Ever. :D Needless to say, more comments to come.

  2. found an error! :)

    Funny, because I know for a fact that there are *???* people stalking me than that.

    apparently my account was all messed up.. sorry for the last comment!

  3. Hey, I use google reader and am subscribed to your blog--but I won't show up on your stats. Statistics LIE!

  4. Actually, your blog's comment rate seems pretty high to me. Take for example this BoingBoing post, which currently has 32 comments. Let's say that post has had 200,000 unique visitors (and that's a wildly conservative estimate, considering it's among the top 10 most visited blogs according to Technorati). That's a commenting rate of 0.016%. Now, as another wild estimate, let's say 300 unique visitors have read your celeb look-alikes post. With 5 comments, that's a commenting rate of 1.1667%--one hundred times BoingBoing's. I'd say that's pretty impressive.

    Granted, this argument is completely blown away without any real data (and by the fact that your blog visitor demographics and those of BoingBoing are probably a bit different :-) ), but it's interesting nonetheless. Or at least it's interesting to me because I'm a total dork. Speaking of which, what are you using to track views, followers, etc? Is it built-in to BlogSpot, or are you using something like Feedburner? I wouldn't be surprised if Jesse actually does show up in your stats, simply because BlogSpot and Feedburner are both owned by Google anyway, and most blog stats suites take Google Reader users into account, along with other feed readers.

  5. Hahaha I"m glad someone else is obsessed with getting comments and hits on their blogs...I was so excited one day when I got 40 hits on my blog (which is amazing for me) but then I realized that my mom had been visiting my blog and clicking on every post and then going back to the main page while she was "catching up" after having forgotten about my blog. Thanks mom.

  6. guilty. But only partly, I totally follow. I will begin to comment more!

  7. Totally follow, fail at commenting. I'll try to be better. :)

  8. I told you your blog was more addictive than facebook the other day. that has to count for like 10 comments or something.

  9. commenting is such a hassle. who wants to go through the hassle of word verification and signing in? ugh i'm gonna have to now. sheesh.

  10. haha! This post made me laugh! I feel exactly the same way! There's so many people out there that NEVER comment! -so not cool.
    What IS cool is the two comments you left on my blog WITHOUT doing them anonymously. Most people wouldn't have the guts to leave comments like that without making them anonymous, so I appreciate you voicing your opinion without hiding behind any anonymity. I understand where you're coming from and how that could be frustrating as a reader looking for affordable inspiration. {I did actually save up to buy those boots though with my own dolla, they were certainly a splurge ;) } The sweater worn in the post you commented on was also a Christmas gift from a friend. BUT I have been accepting and wearing clothing from sponsors. I do this, not to set an unrealistic precedent, but to provide new options and ideas for readers of where they can purchase clothing, as well as provide a little business for new companies and small businesses.
    I'm sorry if this makes my blog a bummer for you to read. But the majority of my clothes ARE my own and are very affordable.
    I will continue to wear a mixture of clothing from sponsors and from my own wardrobe, and if that means that you choose not to read anymore, that's just fine. I do appreciate your comments though, and I wish you the best with your own blogging endeavors! -Including those comments! ;)

  11. commentiiiiiiiiiing!!!

    I'm still not caught up on the miiiilllioooon blog entries on here that i'm thoroughly enjoying reading. i was going in order for quite a while on that first night i just occasionally come read one at random. Or one that you've linked to from another. Give me another couple of night shifts and I'll be a real, updated stalker.

  12. and BAM! i am now a follower.


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